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How To Market An Event - 4 Easy Steps

In my on-going digital marketing internship I was given a task of marketing an online concert about a month before it actually took place. I had a little experience of marketing events on social media from my college societies. All I knew was, putting up stories on Instagram and Facebook, posting about the event on a consistent basis and making sure that the word was out and all the college groups were spammed. But of course, it is way more than just that. Here is what I learnt: 1. Writing the right content Spreading the word on social media, telling people about the event through online means is expected. But what people often forget is that content matters more. As it is rightly said, Quality matters not Quantity. The content should be short and crisp but also one that people would want to read from the first word itself. It should be long enough for people to understand what the event is about and short enough to not put people to sleep. It does not always have to be just o